China Trading (English)

Carefully chosen suppliers without middlemen to a firm customer base

China Trading AB is a fast growing food wholesaler in Sweden. The company was founded the year 2000 and is one of the oldest wholesalers with focus on asian food. Since China trading was reorganized by the end of 2010, the yearly turnover have trippled to todays 150 Million SEK and 20 employees.
Our businessplan is to purchase quality products and goods at fair prices from carefully selected producers around the world. We import over 200 containers annually from all over the world, among others: four large ports in China; South port city Shenzhen, the northern Xiamen, Shanghai and Qingdao. The company allso imports from the United States and other EU countries in addition to Thailand, Japan, Indiam Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Our success have resulted in over 1000 loyal customers from restaurants and hotel kitchens in all parts of Sweden, Finland and other EU- Contries.

China Trading have over 20 worldfamous exklusive agencies and official partners. Such as the Chinese Tsing Tao Brewery, the Swedish state owned Systembolaget, the famous "Golden Sun" sushi rice; The Thai quality brands such as: Golden Rice, Maekrua oyster sauce, Nittaya sauce series; Wellknown Japanese brands such as Yamasa Soy Sauce, and products from Ajinomoto.

European Nestle Maggi sauce, Swedish quality AAK Cooking oil, Ekströms and Lindvalls Coffee, and ouf course Mariestad Beer! AVEBE Potato starch from Holland and Danish: Nordic Sugar products.

Secure and swift international logistics

China Trading have a refined logistics system with its hub in 'Högdalens Industriområde' south of Stockholm. The main warehouse consists of 5000 square metres and have access to both deep freezers and fridges to allways keep the merchandise fresh. We cooperate with the largest logistics company in Sweden (Posten / Postnord Logistics AB) as a strategic partner for 3D-logistiscs, e.g. . Air, Sea and ground transports. This guarantees that we can store and deliver goods in a fast, secure and efficient way.

"Shelf-to-Shelf Service" to our customers

China Tradings' Large and Medium sized refrigerated trucks combined with our "tough" but nice coworkers help deliver our unique "Door-to-Door service" as well as our appreciated "Shelf-to-Shelf Service", This means that we help load the goods right onto the customers shelves at delivery. This guarantees that the company can store goods and reach the customers in a fast, secure and comfortable manner. Our customers are mostly located in the Mälardals area but the distribution net reaches as far as Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south, as well as Gäteborg in the West and Gotland in the East. Since 2010 we allso supply customers in our neighboring country Finland.